Is Zrii a Scam? (if it is we’re idiots)

is-zrii-a-scamLet’s face it. Most of us are a bunch of skeptics.

Trust me. We’ve heard it all.

Zrii is a scam. It’s rigged.  It’s multi-level marketing. It’s a pyramid scheme. Run for the hills. The boogie man is coming to steal your money.


Listen, we understand. You think someone is  trying to screw you.

Get real.

If you’re honest with yourself you’ll realize everything is like a pyramid.

Government. Corporations.  Families. The list goes on.

It’s funny because most skepticism is purely psychological – not rational.  At Zprosper, we call it head trash and limiting beliefs. Some have more than others.

If you think “everything is a scam” you’ve either been scammed one too many times or you have serious limiting beliefs.

Most of our head trash comes from our parents and authority figures. You probably know a few people that think money and rich people are “evil.” That’s nonsense. Surely, such a belief will have a dramatic effect on your financial prosperity.

We could spend a lot of time telling you why Zrii is NOT a scam. So we’re not going to. It’s worked for us and our teammates. No bullshit.

Here’s a little bit about the people behind Zrii. If these two men aren’t enough credibility for you, then Zrii is definitely a scam.

Bill Farley


  • Farley industries, BVD and Fruit of the Loom
  • Minority owner of the Chicago White Sox.
  • Charitable contributor to the Farley Foundation, The Big Shoulders Fund, and The Rush Hospital Heart Institute
  • Horatio Alger Award, The Freedom Award, NWPC Good Guy Award and the Golden Plate Award.
  • Oprah is his next door neighbor


Chopra Center Endorsed

  • Time Magazine calls him the “poet-prophet of alternative medicine.”
  • The world’s most recognized MD
  • 14 time New York Times Best Selling Author
  • 50 books, 100 audios, videos and CD-ROM titles have sold over 30 million worldwide and have been translated into 35 languages.
  • Zrii is the only product he has ever endorsed.

Let’s face it. You probably don’t care about us or these people. But we care about you.

At Zprosper we deeply care about real people… with real stories… who have real problems… who experienced real healing… from Zrii.

We’ve compiled a Zrii testimonial library so you get get the straight talk with the people involved.

These  are NOT actors. They are real people, just like you and just like me.

It’s simple.

Zrii works.

But don’t take our word for it…Check out the zrii testimonials

Next Steps:

1) Ahhhh!!!! Run for the Hills. This is a Scam. Back to Google.

2) Learn a bit more about the Zrii Business Opportunity.

3) See if Zrii works for you – place a one-time product orde

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